We have tried to answer a few questions we commonly get asked…

How can we help at the shelter?

Your help can be in a many of ways. Firstly we are always in need of volunteers to help with the day to day running of the shelter, but if we are to far away the you can help by sponsoring a animal at the shelter. We also need help with fund raising as we are very busy and we could always do with some help organising our fund raisers.

Can I adopt an animal even if not living in Portugal?

Yes, we will send an adopted animal to any country after we have home checked the adopter. We can arrange all the paperwork and transport the animal through our pet transport company Purrfect Pet Transport.

Do you have options to make donations?

Yes we can take donations via both paypal and bank transfers. You can use the donation buttons for paypal and use the bank details on our contacts page to make transfers in Euros or sterling. Remember that no matter how small it is it will always be used to benefit the animals